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Short Bio English

I grew up in Berlin and actually, I looove my city. I started very early as an artist and keep on making art ever since. I also studies art history, because knowledge ist not everything but – good to have.

Writing was always there. I started journaling as a child and at some point, I wrote more and more and started to work as a script writer.

My career as a novelist began with an idea for a film script. My debut novel, Radio Gaga (German Publisher Beltz & Gelberg), was awarded the Peter Härtling Prize, the Young Readers of Vienna Jury Prize, and the Goldene Leslie.

Most, ooops, all of my novels are set in Berlin.

I’m currently working more as an artist. I’m active on Clubhouse, I love the space and the peoples there.

I’m also writing my first book for adults. Yes, of course, set in Berlin.